About Melissa

Well, hello...

I am Melissa Ronda, a life-changing mentor who teaches ambitious women how to shrink their waistlines and raise their standards through my membership academy, luxury private coaching experience, and Top-25 podcast, Bad Bitches Losing Weight.

Since overcoming my own addictions, obesity, toxic relationships, and poverty, I've been obsessed with helping women who "haven't had it easy" turn their adversity into their biggest asset in creating extraordinary lives, bodies, and financial freedom on their own terms.

We do this by leveraging my proprietary system for persona curation, psychology-driven coaching tools, and neuroscience-back habit-forming practices to transform everyday women into certifiable smoke shows who make all the money and turn all the heads.

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Got a question for my team or a media inquiry? Email my people at team@melissaronda.com and they will hook you up.