Are you ready to discover that missing link?

Are you ready to get to the bottom of why you can't stay motivated?

Do you have a nagging feeling that you want more but are confused about what it is?

Are you ready to focus on yourself for what feels like the first time ever but don't know how to where to start?

Are you ready to cut ties with all of the baggage that has been holding you down?

Are you ready for your come up, your reinvention of self, your do-over?

Do you want to emit the smoking hot confidence that lights up a room and turns heads?

Are you ready to get better, hotter, and sexier with age?

Bad Lab is the answer.

It's the high-level private 6-month VIB intensive where you are personally guided through curriculum designed to create, set, keep, and achieve your wildest dreams.

No more living small and being quiet. It's time to get Bad!

Together we will...


  • Identify your goals
  • Create a crystal clear vision of your future
  • Craft empowering beliefs
  • Release bullshit that is no longer serving your highest self
  • Overcome limiting beliefs
  • Eliminate excuses, procrastination, and fear
  • Create a detailed plan for daily massive action

Bab Lab includes...

When you sign up for private coaching with Melissa, you receive:

  • Weekly Video Sessions (45 minutes in length) [an $8,000 value]
  • Weekly Assignments Tailored to Your Unique Needs [a $2,000 value]
  • 24/7 Email Access During Your 6 Weeks of Coaching [a $2,100 value]
  • Bad Bitch Starter Kit [a $1,000 value] FREE
  • Bad Bitch Evolution [a $5,000 value] FREE
  • Bad Bitch Diet [a $500 value] FREE

Next steps

Bad Lab Private Coaching Investment with Melissa Ronda - $9,000

Monthly payments available


"This has been the most transformative experience of my life! Both painful and beautiful at the same time. I feel free and untethered to old beliefs that were holding my back. I feel unstoppable."

- Julie Z. - Santa Barbara

"Damn you, Melissa Ronda! You got me. Before this, I knew something was off in my life but I couldn't figure it out. I feel so powerful now."

- Sherry A. - Atlanta

"Everything that held me back in the past is no longer. Through this work, I have learned that I hold the keys to my happiness and success. I am grateful for this time together."

- Erin W. - Arlington