Breaking down everything Bad Bitches think, do, and believe that leads to extraordinary purpose-fueled lives, thriving relationships & banging bodies on their own terms.

Yes! I want this!

If you want to emit the kind of Bad Bitch energy that literally has people begging to be around you, this will be the most important program you will ever invest in.

Let me share why - I'm Melissa Ronda and just a few short years ago, I was an obese prescription-pain-pill-addict who was fresh off of a "Jerry Springer worthy" divorce. Marred with low self-esteem, I tolerated people, places, and situations that, now, I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy.

I lacked the confidence to demand more - of myself and the people in my life. That meant I was massively underpaid, unappreciated, and even abused. I attracted all the wrong people who were only happy if they were receiving all of my attention. I spent most of my time and energy on them. I felt like there was none left for me.

What's more, I found myself very confused about my identity. I was vanilla - nothing special about me. I had no hobbies or interests. I didn't know who I was or what was important to me. At the time, if you asked me what made me happy I would have said, "I'm happy if you're happy." But, that would have been a total lie. I wasn't happy at all.

Then one day, I could stand the masquerade no more - the final blow from someone I cared deeply for. Now, painfully aware that nothing was going to change unless I changed it, I came up with the wildest idea that allowed me to stop worrying about what other people thought so that I could focus on myself.

At first, some of the people in my life didn't like the New Melissa - which makes total sense since the Old Melissa benefitted everyone but Melissa. But, armed with my secret, I stayed the course, slowly increasing the "me" time. I was now going to the gym four times a week, digging deep into sustainable weight loss nutrition, and researching change psychology.

I began to find my true self, my identity, and I was falling in love with the woman I was becoming. Soon the urge to control everyone and everything around me almost completely dissipated. My attention was on my goals. I stopped caring what other people thought of me because I really liked who I was becoming and that's all that mattered.

With each goal I achieved, my confidence [and standards] grew and my new identity became further engrained to the point that quitting was out of the question. This new me wasn't optional in the way that brushing your teeth or washing your hands doesn't feel optional. Bad Bitch Melissa WAS the new standard.

I had figured it out! Why didn't more women know about this? I seemed to be surrounded by women who felt like the sacrificial lamb of their jobs and families. They too were overweight, unfulfilled, and unappreciated. My situation was not a fluke. This was a problem for many.

And so I did what came natural, I decided that I had a personal responsibility to spend the rest of my life helping women find that inner permission to transform into their own unique Bad Bitch and I'm sharing the exact system in this Bad Bitch Starter Kit. I'm leaving NOTHING out.

With the Starter Kit, you will:

  • Take Charge of Your Life: No more pretending like you weren't put on this earth to do something exceptional.
  • Castrate All the Excuses: Stop wasting time on people, projects, or thoughts that aren't serving your life's purpose.
  • Rewrite Your Story: Unlock your hidden assets. The days of struggling to achieve your goals might just be behind you.

WARNING: While the name Starter Kit may lead one to believe this work is fluffy and light, it is not. This is not for dabblers. If you aren't ready to create massive change.

The Bad Bitch Starter Kit is the most comprehensive life-transformation course on the planet.

By the end of this self-paced course, you will have:

  • Nailed down exactly what you want out of life
  • Identified the core areas that require your immediate attention
  • Uncovered your preordained talents and your life purpose
  • Curated your own unique brand of Bad Bitch
  • Created a customized plan to evolve into your Bad Bitch Alter Ego

"How did I lose myself?"

Most people don't know what they really want.

Because we are inundated with messages from our families and society, we end up thinking we want things that we really don't.

Plus, if you grew up in a house like mine, you were told that you were selfish for wanting what you wanted. You learn to push down your truest desires because you think it's bad or wrong to want.

Quitting a "diet" or fitness program feels easy to do when you believe you were wrong for wanting more in the first place.

But, the good news is that your dreams never die. The quiet dream inside you is the exact reason you are reading this right now.

With the right tools, you can examine your desires for what they really are and use them to create an extremely specific vision of who you want to become.

The more specific the vision, the easier it is for your brain to create that reality.

And when you know what stories aren't stories you want to believe anymore, they no longer dictate your actions.

What you get when you enroll:

Module One: Illuminate

In the first module of my propriety framework, The IMAGE System, you will begin the first phase of gaining clarity on your intentions. People are constantly trying to tell us what we "should" want. When that happens, our true desires get pushed down and forgot about because, well, who wants to think about things that they want but don't think they have a right to go after?

This isn't some basic goal setting exercise, you will be unlearning everything you thought you knew about how life works and the rules that apply to women like you. You will be creating a new reality where you make all of the rules and you get to have everything you've ever wanted.

[value $497]

Module Two: Magnetize

Of the six human needs, each of us values different areas at different times. These core needs are at the root of our motivations and why we prioritize decisions, where we spend our time, who we spend it with, often without any awareness on our part.

During this phase of the program, you will bring those subconscious thoughts to the surface for examination, removing what is no longer serving your higher purpose, and begin to incorporate new priorities that are aligned with your emerging Bad Bitch self.

[value $497]

Module Three: Aim

Each of us has a higher purpose. But because we fall into the trap of being who our families, schools, society, and culture tell us we should be, we lose the sense of our truest self. We conform. We become someone we are not - acting out the role of who we think we are supposed to be.

This is why you may feel confused about what you want while also knowing you aren't currently happy with what you have. To get down to the bottom of who you really are, you will be walked through a series of identity reassessment exercises that are designed to bring to light your innate talents, natural assets, and ultimately your life's purpose.

[value $497]

Module Four: Generate

In this step of the process, you will explore who it is that you want to become through my priority persona curation system that takes into account your preordained talents, your history, and your propensities. This is your vision of your Bad Bitch self, no one else's. It's unique and customized to you.

To commemorate the death of the old you, you will participate in a burning ritual, releasing the stories that you no longer buy into. And, you will leave the program with a personalized Bad Bitch Mood Board representing the transformation you seek.

[value $497]

Module Five: Elevate

It's time to create a plan to close the gap between who you are currently showing up as and the new Bad Bitch Persona you've created. Through a rigorous assessment, you will identify the areas that have held you back from growth in the past so that you can receive customized solutions and break the cycle for good.

[value $497]

Weekly Supportive Emails

Stay on track and motivated to see your transformation through with weekly emails.

[value $297]

Become a Bad Bitch.

Enroll now and begin your journey today.

What Bad Bitches are saying...

"I thought I was unfixable. I thought I was stuck in a body and life that I was not loving.

Melissa has changed all that!"


"Melissa gets down to the real raw shit in a way that doesn't make you back off, instead, you lean in.

She knows her stuff!"


I have been guided and supported through work that I didn't know I needed to do - identifying my excuses, my stories, even my hurt that has held me back from being my inner Bad Bitch.


I help strong ambitious women find purpose from their painful past so that they can fulfill their divine destiny.

My IMAGE SystemTM shines a light on your preordained purpose making transforming your life a result that doesn't feel negotiable to you. You demand it!

Clarity provides your brain with a vision and, with the right tools, your brain will set out to make that vision a reality.

Over the past 6 years, I've helped transform the lives & bodies of over 1,000 women & here is what I know to be true...

No dream is off-limits when you learn to harness the power of your intrinsic assets.

More questions? Answers here ⤵️

Q: How long does the program take to complete?

A: This is a 10-week self-paced course with 1-2 trainings and assignments per week. With each training, you receive a workbook to study out of. Many of my students keep their printables in a tabbed out binder for ease of use and quick referencing.

Q: When can I start?

A: Upon purchase, you will gain immediate access.

Claim what is yours without the risk.

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Money-Back Guarantee

If you complete the assignments from the first week and you don’t think the program is a good fit for you, share your week one worksheets with me within 7 days and I’ll gladly return your investment to you. I want you to be 100% happy with your decision.

Trust your gut. You know when you’re ready to change your life.

Warning: Emerging Bad Bitches Only

Don't buy this if you are a dabbler. This program is for women who are serious about their personal evolution.

Prepare to question everything you thought you knew about life and the rules that apply to you.

Become a Bad Bitch.

Enroll now and begin your journey today.

You made it all the way to the end...

but haven't clicked that "enroll" button yet. I might know what you're thinking. Therefore, I'll attempt to answer any last-minute questions you might have.

[If you still need some clarification, please click the chat box in the righthand corner & either myself or a member of my team will be in touch as soon as possible.]

"Melissa, I want this so bad but I've failed in the past and I concerned that I will do the same again."

I get this because I've been there. Here is what's important to know, this program is NOT LIKE anything you have ever tried before.

This is not a diet program, though, you will be eating well.

This is not a fitness program, though, you will move your body.

This is not a weight loss program, though, you will lose weight.

The Bad Bitch Starter Kit is a unique program in its very own category of Bad Bitchery.

With this program, you will retrain your brain, helping you think more positive and productive thoughts, manage doubt, and overcome adversity.

If you desire to radically shift the course of your life, the Bad Bitch Starter Kit is the alpha. Any and everything comes after this kind of work or it just won't stick.

"I struggle to stay focused and motivated to accomplish tasks. What if I purchase the program but get distracted? I will feel like I wasted my money."

There are a couple of things that could be going on here. One reason you may struggle with focus [successfully completing things] is that you identify as the kind of woman who struggles to complete tasks.

When you don't feel like doing something, you don't and it feels okay because it aligns with your story.

We call this "being stuck in a pattern."

It's important to note that you will always be the kind of woman who doesn't achieve her goals if you don't learn the self-coaching practices that goal achievers know. The Bad Bitch Starter Kit extensively covers willpower, focus, and change psychology.

Another reason you may struggle to focus is because of overwhelm. The Bad Bitch Starter Kit resolves this by delivering content in a way that feels fun and easy. There is no guesswork with this program. You can rest assure that you will be walked through creating an action plan that takes into account your perceived "weak points" and delivers you with psychology-based solutions to your unique problem.

"I have a very demanding schedule. Will I have time for this?"

I'm sure you have a lot on your plate, especially considering the fact that you are the one everyone counts on to make things happen. Emerging Bad Bitches benefit from learning how to voice their desires to the people in their life, making room to "offload" some of the responsibility and pressure. Because, if you don't, nothing will change. It will only get worse.

But, for my "Ruler Archetype" babes who like to know the numbers, you can expect about one hour of videos per week followed by 15-minute journaling exercises.

"I want to change but I'm scared. I've been stuck in my ways for so long. Is there hope for me?"

Babe, I did not begin to change my life until I was 35 years old. All you need is the desire to experience a different life. The Bad Bitch Starter Kit will handle the rest.

Change feels scary because it's "the unknown," but what's important to consider is that nothing changes until you embrace change. The Bad Bitch Starter Kit extensively covers habit change and embracing uncertainty. You'll learn why you fear change, the real thoughts behind the fear, and how to shift your perspective.

In fact, by the end of this program, you will LOVE change because you will have experienced positive change that has greatly improved your life.

"I know a ton about fitness and nutrition, will this still be the right program for me?"

If you're not where you want to be in life, yes, this is the program for you. Knowledge about "what" to do is useless if you don't know "how" to do it and/or continue to do it. Most likely there is an underlined reason that you aren't where you want to be.

The Bad Bitch Starter Kit will help you get crystal clear on who you are, what you want, and how to implement those desires into your everyday life in a way that feels obvious and lasts. This is the un-diet. This is the Bad Bitch creator. I think we can both agree that most everyone can benefit from that.

Become a Bad Bitch.

Enroll now and begin your journey today.